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An Icon Challenge Community

Brad Stillness
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Welcome to bradley_stills, the only Bradley Whitford icon challenge community, moderated by mira_stetson. This community was inspired by buffy_stillness - the original stillness icon challenge community.

1. All entries must conform to LJ standards - 100x100 and 40kb or less.
2. Enter only one icon for each part of the challenge. If you enter more, all of them will be disqualified.
3. Enter in a reply to the original challenge post. Comments will be screened.
4. No voting for yourself. Or having your friends voting for you.
5. Icons must not be animated. This is a stillness community.
6. Icons entered can not be posted anywhere or shown to anyone until voting for that challenge is completed.
7. Do not take any icons without the icon makers' permission.
8. Members and non-members will be allowed to vote. Voting will be done as replies to the voting post -
comments will be screened.
9. Since the contest is anonymous, the moderator(s) will also be allowed to participate but will not be
eligible for mod's choice.

Challenges will be posted on Tuesday mornings. Entries will be accepted until Sunday night when voting will begin. Winners will be announced Monday night.